Drawing heavily on his own experiences in Chile under the US backed military dictatorship, and on his activism in apartheid South Africa, Walter Wink has been an inspiration to many radicals in the US and elsewhere.


For its 10th Red Christian document, Zingcreed is pleased to reprint his “Jesus’ Third Way”.


  • Seize the moral initiative
  • Find a creative alternative to violence
  • Assert your own humanity and dignity as a person
  • Meet force with ridicule or humour
  • Break the cycle of humiliation
  • Refuse to submit or to accept the inferior position
  • Expose the injustice of the system
  • Take control of the power dynamic
  • Shame the oppressor into repentance
  • Stand your ground
  • Force the powers to make decisions for which they are not prepared
  • Recognize your own power
  • Be willing to suffer rather than to retaliate
  • Cause the oppressor to see you in a new light
  • Deprive the oppressor of a situation where a show of force is effective
  • Be willing to undergo the penalty for breaking unjust laws
  • Die to fear of the old order and its rules

Wink, W. “Jesus and nonviolence. A third way” Fortress press (2003)

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