Thomas Müntzer became the leader of the German peasants rebellion of 1525. The demands of the peasants have been summarized as follows:

1. The Gospel shall be preached according to the true faith.
2. No tithes shall be paid, neither great nor small.
3. There shall be no longer interest and longer dues more than one gulden in twenty.
4. All waters shall be free.
5. All woods and forests shall be free.
6. All game shall be free.
7. None shall any longer be in a state of villeinage.
8. None shall any longer obey any prince or lord but such as pleaseth him and that shall be the Emperor.
9. Justice and right shall be as of olden times.
10. Should there be one having authority who displeases us, we would have the power to set up in his place another as it pleases us.
11. There shall be no more death dues.
12. The common lands that the lords have taken to themselves shall again become common lands.

The army of peasants, led by Müntzer gathered at a field in Frankenhausen. They were opposed by an army of the nobility led by the Dukes of Brunswick and Saxony, and the Landgrave of Hessia. The peasants refused to surrender and refused to give up their leader Müntzer. The peasant army was utterly destroyed and Müntzer was captured. Müntzer was imprisoned and tortured where he recanted his radical views. He accepted a Catholic mass before he was beheaded on May 27, 1525.

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