Oh, the problems Christians face! I do feel sorry for them! If you’re not of that number then you are probably not aware of all the hidden traps and pitfalls that await them along life’s way!

I well remember how all the group were deeply absorbed in Gloria’s jeans dilemma on the Alpha course. She was going to Accra to stay with her aunt and she didn’t know whether to wear her tight jeans to church on Sunday or not. The twelve of us sent a good 20 minutes sorting that one out for her.

Then there was the poor Catholic pensioner I met at a public meeting. “I’m a third order Franciscan” he kept telling me. (Whatever that is. I’ll find out one day and write a Post on it.) The greatest problem in his religious life, and I mean problem – it kept him awake at nights- was the great Lisbon earthquake of 1703 (?) What had these supremely Christian people done to deserve it. Why had God punished them this way?? I tried to explain the theory of plate tectonics to him, but I was wasting my breath.

I really don’t have much sympathy. These “problems”, so-called, are self induced. If you get yourself into a medieval mindset when you’re living in the 21st century, then you deserve to suffer the consequences.

The latest bit of ecclesiastical nonsense is from the pages of that ever reliable source the ‘Catholic News of Trinidad and Tobago’. Apparently each parish gets an annual allocation of Holy Oil. It is said to be Holy because it has been blessed by an Archbishop! (Wow!) All well and good. If Catholics want to play around with oil, let them. Where it gets faintly ridiculous is when the next delivery comes and they’ve still got some of the last lot left over. (Probably rancid in the tropical heat by now, I should think, or perhaps Holy oil doesn’t turn rancid ?) It seems you can’t just chuck oils out – after all they’ve been brought up in procession in the parish churches at the Holy Thursday Mass !   

Oh, no; you need to observe the  procedures set out by the Monsignor who chairs the diocesan Liturgical Commission. Fortunately, he is a lenient gent, and gives you a choice of two disposal methods.
Pour the oil on paper and set fire to it  or dig a hole in the ground near the church and pour the oils in. And, please note, THE LEFT-OVER OILS ARE NOT TO BE USED EXCEPT IN AN EMERGENCY, AND THEN ONLY BY A PRIEST! I hope that’s clear, everybody!

All this pompous solemnity just makes me laugh. You couldn’t make it up. It’s like a spoof.       

Catholic News   22/6/2014

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