I thought my windows were going to get blown in! Last week while staying in southern part of the Caribbean island of Trinidad, there was a violent storm that blew peoples’ roofs off. Fortunately this was at 4.30 in the morning so not many people were out and about to get decapitated by flying sheets of galvanized iron. As I looked out of my window I could see the coconut tree in the backyard whipping from side to side as if it were made of rubber. It’s heavy nuts were flung off sideways like canon balls being fired from a Spanish galleon. One sailed over the garden fence and narrowly missed the neighbour’s dog.

A few miles away, a Hindu devotee braved the storm and went outside to appease the Wind God. Contrary to what you or I might think, this gentleman knew that the winds were controlled by Vayu, the father of the monkey God Hanuman. He rides through the skies in a shining chariot pulled by red and purple horses, and he is to be appeased! (What do you mean you’ve never seen him – you just lack imagination!) The way this is done is to offer the deity some flour, so this loyal devotee stood outside his house in the pouring rain with a bag of flour, throwing handfuls of it up into the air. Most of it stuck to the front of his house, and to his shirt forming a doughy paste in the rain. Fortunately he was not hit by a sheet of flying roof, nor by a coconut. Within an hour the storm had passed. Proof indeed that flour power works.

Trinidad Guardian, some date in early July, 2014 (I couldn’t make this up!)

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