Yes, only 20 words!

Zingcreed brings you the products of the Jesus Seminar’s distillation process (See the earlier Post Jesus’s 5200 authentic words) packaged into 10 easy-to-grasp categories.
This is category 10. Less than half of one percent of Jesus’s recorded and authenticated words were about himself. Here they are:

“Foxes have dens, and birds of the sky have nests; but this mother’s child has nowhere to rest his head.” (Lk 9:58)

Period. Yes, that’s all folks. Jesus is reminding his audience that he has no home. He is an itinerant sage rather like one of the Greek Cynics, a movement led by Diogenes that eschewed all wealth and possessions.

He doesn’t say he’s the Messiah.
He doesn’t say he’s God’s son.
He doesn’t say he’s come to save the world from their sins.
The only time he speaks of himself it is to say he’s homeless.
How about that?
Some Christians today try to imitate him. I know of a family who live in a mobile home, and depend on the generosity of the people they meet on the road. They’ve thought it all out, and I hope to tell their story in another Post.

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Funk, R.W. and the Jesus Seminar “The Gospel of Jesus” Polebridge Press (1999)

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