December 2012 to May 2014: 18 months, 274 Posts and 5245 ‘Views’ (WordPress’s term for the number of times Zingcreed Posts have been looked at: the number of actual people who read them – ‘Visitors’ – is less because one visitor may read several Posts).

While I’m pleased at this level of traffic on my site, I’m frankly surprised anyone reads it at all. I don’t write for public consumption. I’m thinking aloud but I  don’t at all mind people ‘eavesdropping’. I’m truly amazed at the worldwide readership – WordPress gives her bloggers these stats – every country in the world seems to be there. I hope readers round the world find my musings interesting, even useful.

However, two things puzzle me:
(1) when I google my own topics e.g.the Alpha course, I can never find my articles!
(2) readers’ comments are few and far between, and avoid criticizing or applauding specific content. Here are two recent examples:
“Superb post. Can you write a little more on this subject? Kudos!” D.F.
“I have been browsing online over 2 hours today yet I never found interesting articles like yours. If all site owners and bloggers made content as good as you did the net would be much more useful.” B.R.
Cheers guys, that’s very flattering, but I would prefer something a little more challenging. Jesusite-atheism is controversial – isn’t anyone out there annoyed? Or is religion really just a big yawn? Has anyone changed their mind as a result of what they’ve encountered on Zingcreed? Why not write in and tell me about it?

For the record the top ten most viewed Posts in the past 18 months in descending order are:-

I would respectfully like to draw to your attention to some less-viewed Posts you might find interesting as well:-

On other religions:

On myself:

On humour:

  • The ‘Laugh out Loud’ (LOL) series (See Index)
  • Humour

On Christianity:


The Zingcreed Pledge

All these can be found in the alphabetical index or in the Archives list. Both are ‘sticky’, i.e. they are at the front whenever you type in Zingcreed.Wordpress.com. Or you can just click on them here to get the link.

What’s next on Zingcreed?

Using the Jesus Seminar version of the gospels (all 22 of them discovered so far!), I intend to comment on Jesus’s words under 10 headings in 11 separate Posts, starting with the introductory ‘Jesus’s 5200 authentic words‘ which is next to this Post.  This will cover the parables and the aphorisms. I also hope to tackle some of the other ‘biggies’ in the next 6 months like the resurrection, the miracles, the sermon on the mount and the beatitudes.

“Hope to see you there!” Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc..


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