269: DEAR POPE #10: Why did you canonise that awful dead pope?

Dear Mr Bergoglio,

I watched you live on TV today making that awful polish pope, Karol Wojtyla, a saint. You can’t deny it – I saw you do it. You and your still-alive predecessor, Benedict. It was the Frankie and Bennie Show, but not very well acted: I could tell from your body language when you hugged that you don’t really like each other.
Is he still wearing those red shoes, by the way? I couldn’t see.

People are saying that you are setting a precedent – next time it’ll be you and Bennie who get ‘done’. Your successor will have to court popularity by keeping the custom going: Saint Bennie and Saint Frankie! Maybe you will deserve it, but Mr Ratzinger is as bad as Mr Wojtyla: neither of them deserve this honour. In this letter, I’ll stick to attacking  the Pole.

Here are a few of the charges:

  • Pope John Paul the Second (aka Karol Wojtyla) consigned millions to die of Aids because he banned the use of condoms, the only known protection against this incurable disease;
  • He sided with the US Reagan administration against Liberation Theology and against the popular Sandinista government of Nicaragua;
  • In his autocratic way, when the issue of women priests first came up in the Anglican community, he banned Catholic theologians from even discussing the issue on pain of excommunication;
  • He covered up sex abuse of children by Catholic priests, in particular he shelved an investigation into the depraved Mexican priest (and founder of the Legion of Christ) Marcial Maciel. The cover-ups he started are still going on;
  • His harsh language had a negative impact on R.C.s and distracted from the Christian message of love and compassion.

For more refer to my Post “Instant Critique of Catholic Action

More to come on Marcial Maciel.

Bye for now, Popeye, that should read Popey, I’ll be back
Till then,
Peter Turner.


(i) Day, Michael “Two canonisations for price of one…It’s a Catholic knees-up” Letter from Rome, Evening Standard 25/4/2014  p.26

(ii) Costello, Hugh “Pope John Paul II”

(iii) BBC TV April 2014

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