267: LOL #20: Jehovah’s Witnesses founded by a huckster!

I could put this in one of my “I accuse!” Posts, but that would sound a little self righteous. None of us is without sin….

I got this story out of a leaflet being circulated by an evangelical sect in north London (2014). There’s no publisher’s name given, but the author is one Rev. Robert B. Mignard. The spelling suggests he is American. I think the reason this church distribute anti-Witness literature is because as one of them said to me “they’re more of a problem than the Moslems!”

Of course, it could all be lies. It is about Charles Taze Russell, the acknowledged founder of this rapidly growing sect of door-knockers.  I have only this one source, and I will delete this Post if someone proves it untrue. Here is the extract:-

“Jehovah’s Witnesses are following the fallen conclusions of a rascal, Brooklyn haberdasher Charles Taze Russell, who in 1874  was divorced by his wife, was in trouble with the courts and who fleeced his followers with ‘miracle wheat’ sold at an exorbitant price, which he claimed would produce 15 times as much wheat as an ordinary bushel.” 

Tut, tut!

Mignard, Robert B. “Fifteen reasons why I cannot be a Jehovah’s Witness” (publisher and date unstated)

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