266: LOL #19: “Thank you, Jesus!”

Barbados at mid-day is a hot place! I was slumped on a concrete bench among some classical style pillars next to a brand new kiosk-cum-toilet on the beach. An attempt at elegance by the local council no doubt.There was some shade and a spectacle to watch too, as the chinese photographer put half a dozen models through their paces. They minced among the columns in the latest assortment of swim suits and drapes. A welcome sight for my tired eyes. Snap, snap! went the photographer’s Nikon. A few passers by stopped to watch the show- it’s not every day you get to see so much beautiful black flesh on display in this churchy rather puritanical island. (Topless bathing is definitely not encouraged).

A local guy came round the corner carrying two bags of shopping in his hands. His face was a treat. His eyebrows shot up and his jaw dropped down in astonishment as he gazed at the girls. He dropped both bags and uttered the immortal words: “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!”

A moment to relish!


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