254: I ACCUSE #13; “US Christian soldiers more violent!”

Over 15,500 ‘Born Again’ US Army officers claim their allegiance is not to the US constitution but to the Bible and God. These fundamentalists are all members of the Officers’ Christian Fellowship (OCFUSA). They are reported to be putting severe pressure on other soldiers to join them, yet the topic is taboo: a cover-up means their intimidation of other ranks cannot be discussed at senior level. So the targeting of both Christian and non-Christian soldiers continues.

Thousands of rifles in use by the military around the world bear bible quotes or numbers of verses. The military authorities said they would have them scratched off, but nothing happened. The truth is the top brass support religious extremism because it makes their soldiers fight harder. Belief is not seen as a personal peaceful thing any more. It is a motivating force, especially when troops are fighting abroad and when it is one belief against another. It helps believers to view Moslems as subhuman and therefore they can be killed with a clear conscience.

RT “Breaking the set” 27/02/14

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