“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, my personal polemic about religion – and, believe me, there’s plenty to grouse about! Check out 2 ‘old’ Posts I’ve now completed which I’m rather proud of: they’re totally unique and unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. (i)”Prayers for Atheists“, and (ii)  “The Psalms, what a load of sycophantic paranoia!” Good reading!” Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.

Born again ‘Christians’ and Roman Catholics have one thing in common. They both hate gays (even though they have, by all accounts, plenty of gays in both their ranks). Their homophobia is made plain in the pages of the press in Trinidad (West Indies) a pretty liberal country on the whole, at least judging by all the simulated sex that takes place in the streets and on TV during Carnival. (You thought Miley Cyrus invented ‘twerking’?)
But when it comes  to gay freedom it’s another story. The Victorian colonialists instituted a 10 year jail sentence for homosexuality and it’s still on the books. In last month’s Bail Amendment Bill passed by the Trinidad parliament ‘Buggery’ was listed along side ‘Armed Robbery’ and ‘Manslaughter’ as a serious crime; and no-one batted an eyelid. (Checking up in my dictionary, buggery is a consensual act and not rape)

This Post will just consider the church’s intolerance and how this impacts on the blood transfusion service in that country. (One I picked because I visit it frequently.) Christians keep up a steady drip drip of anti gay (and anti-abortion) letters to Trinidad’s 3 daily papers. The Catholics openly encourage their members to do this in the pages of the weekly ‘Catholic News’, available for a Trinidad dollar (ten pence) in every Catholic church. As I described in Prayer versus Crime, a fundamentalist minister of religion has been appointed as the government’s Crime Czar, and he blames the country’s problems on gays and on women who have abortions.

Some letters to the editors play on potential feelings of disgust the readers might have in contemplating men having sex with men, e.g. “If you’re not sickened by such acts then there’s something wrong with you – you ought to be.” Others quote Leviticus, reminding me of an old Rowan Atkinson sketch featuring a vicar telling a man “God doesn’t like you if you’re queer!” (i) In this sadly homophobic atmosphere I was not surprised to read the following:-

Newsday headline, 6 Feb. 2014 You’re gay? No thanks, keep your blood
It seems:

  • the country’s blood banks are practically empty. Patients can’t have operations until they or their families have personally rounded up donors from among friends, family and neighbours who have the right blood group
  • current policy is to refuse blood donations from gay men, even if HIV negative and engaging in safe sex (all donated blood is rigorously tested anyway)
  • the health minister says he does not believe people are ready to accept blood donated by persons “of that nature”
  • even gay patients cannot receive blood from gay donors
  • a gay potential donor could lie about his orientation, if he is even asked
  • many gay people would like to give blood, and feel they are being unjustly stigmatised
  • worse, members of the gay community who are in need of blood have been unable to find people willing to donate. Often out, gay men are not close to their families, and have to rely on their friends for support. Homophobic family members are often the last to respond – and the last to be asked.

So, thanks partly to the followers of Jesus, people in need of operations have been unable to have them, and some have died.

Thank you Jesus. Thy will be done.
(In case you hadn’t twigged, that’s meant to be ironic!)
In my humble opinion, “Christian” sexual ethics is morally bankrupt, as it causes distress, unwanted pregnancies, disease and death; and therefore needs a thorough revamping.


(i) Example of a recent homophobic Christian letter to the Trinidad press:
An offence to the Almighty
‘It never ceases to amaze me just how much the Western culture is embedded into our Trini “psyche”. I heard a radio broadcaster commenting on a certain nation that has imposed a law that prohibits homosexual behaviour.
This broadcaster claimed that this nation was moving “backwards” when everyone was moving “forward” on this issue. It truly saddens me when we are bombarded by the media, the entertainment industry and even world leaders to accept this lifestyle as though it is something that is good and honorable for all!
Imagine this is what we are calling progressive when as a God-fearing nation we are told that “woe to them that calls evil good.”
People, wake up and smell the coffee! This lifestyle is an offence to the Almighty. Please do not mindlessly accept everything that is handed down to us through the guise of “enlightenment”. There is a definite agenda in our times to promote this way of life. What’s next anyone? Paedophilia?’
S. Martinez, Arima
Newsday 21 Jan 2014

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