234:; LOL #12: “Christingle!”

“Welcome to Zingcreed, the first Christian/Atheist blog in the world (If you know different, let me know!) Hope you enjoy my musings!” Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.

Have you ever heard this word before? “Christingle”. It was in my local C. of E. parish magazine. From the context I think it means the tingle a believer gets when they think of Jesus!!
Is this possible?
Is this what Christianity has sunk to? “Ooh, I felt a ‘tingle’ – it must be Jesus”?
How pathetic! Has the church really been reduced to this? Is this all it’s got to offer? Why should the Zingcreed blog attack the church when it’s doing a perfectly good job of self-destructing on its own without any help from atheists like me?
If anything it indicates (a) that Zingcreed takes Christianity more seriously than it takes itself, and (b) Zingcreed has got more to offer Christians than the twee C. of E. has!

Another pathetic attempt to be “with it” was this joke I heard at Kew Gardens’ Christmas carol service 2 years ago. It assumes you know M. and S. stands for Marks and Spencers, one of Britain’s top purveyors of quality Christmas fare. “Christ-mas has 2 halves: it isn’t just M & S; we’re trying to put back the other half!”

It got a laugh.


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