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I put ‘proof’ in inverted commas because they are all flawed and I intend to refute them all, but not just yet.
These proofs were developed over several centuries by the great Christian thinkers.

(1) The Cosmological argument

The world exists only because it has been made by a rational being – a God.
‘God’ is the name we give to whoever or whatever is the cause or the creator of this world.
Think of a pot, it must have a maker – the potter; God is equivalent to the potter of the world. (Jer. 18:1-6)

(2) The Teleological argument 

There is order and design in the universe – just look at the complexity of the eye; it could not occur by chance – it is designed. The name we give to the designer of everything in the universe is ‘God’. His existence is the only explanation of order in the universe, because the Second Law of Thermodynamics says that disorder is always increasing.

Paley used the famous argument in 1794 that if you were to find a watch lying on the ground and you picked it up and looked at it you could not but conclude that it was made by a designer. Likewise the world we see around us could not have arisen just by chance.

(3) The Moral argument

There exists a universal human experience of a sense of obligation or moral duty, therefore it is necessary to postulate a God who made us as morally concerned creatures in a moral universe where worthiness is rewarded, and wickedness punished. A supreme moral will (‘God’) is at work in the world.

(4) The Ontological argument

God is the highest conceivable reality, the name given to the most perfect thing that can possibly exist. God is defined as the sum of all perfections and the very concept of God implies the necessity of his existence.

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Geering, Lloyd “Christianity without God” Bridget Williams books (NZ) p.45


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