216: CRIMES OF THE BOURGEOISIE # 8: Modern Slavery

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the radical Christian/Atheist blog where you never know what you’re going to find next. It’s my personal polemic where I think aloud about religion and life. I hope you get something out of it!”  Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.

Sorry, I see from my stats page that readers are already checking out this page before I have written it, because the title was already published – I got called away from the keyboard to the real world!

Now I’m back. I write this because of a shocking set of stats in “The Metro” (a free throw away paper in Britain).  I was kind of sensitized to the issue after writing the Zingcreed Post Christian atrocities #1: Slavery, plus I’ve caught the tail end of a couple of TV news clips about people trafficking. We each have our own “most important issues” list. Or perhaps not. Anyway, mine is Drones, poor countries’ debts and Guantanamo. And current UK austerity measures caused by Bankers’ greed.

Slavery must be up there with the hottest human rights issues. You don’t need to read the Morning Star (communist) or the Socialist Worker (trot) or even The Guardian (liberal) to hear of some ethical issue that demands instant action by us the public. At the same time, some claim our freedom to protest is being whittled away by government legislation, while mainstream media, like the BBC, don’t report protests by the public like the rally of 50,000 against NHS cuts outside the recent Tory party conference in Manchester. Yet the elite, Hello Tony Blair, block release of emails between Bush and Blair that would show the Chilcott enquiry why on earth Britain invaded Iraq. We can’t read their e-mails, but they can read ours.

I’ll list the Metro’s statistics :

  • 30 million people worldwide are trapped in modern slavery
  • India (13.9 million); China (2.9m); and  Pakistan (2.1m) are the worst offenders
  • human trafficking is probably the second largest illicit trade on the planet after drugs. It’s worth about $32 billion p.a.
  • it is estimated there are up to 4,600 such people in Britain forced into work or prostitution
  • to be more precise: 2255 potential victims of trafficking were identified in Britain last year
  • of whom 549 were children
  • they’re in nail bars, brothels, drug farms, building sites, households (domestic servitude) and factories
  • they come from (in order) Romania, Poland, Nigeria, Vietnam, Hungary, Albania, Slovakia, Britain, Lithuania, Philippines.
  • There were only 13 convictions in England and Wales last year (2012)
  • UK police tend not to recognize it and treat it as an immigration issue

Many of Britain’s elite today owe their wealth to the global slave trade which their ancestors got rich on less than 2 centuries ago. (See Post listed below for details)

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Metro’s sources:
Eaves’ Poppy project
Centre for Social Justice
Global slavery index
Anti-trafficking monitoring group
Serious organised crime agency


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