188: RED CHRISTIANS #17 : French revolutionary Christians (1936-38)

<Socialistes parce que Chrétiens>
In the pre-war years in France there grew up a movement of several thousand Christian socialist revolutionaries. Name of group unknown to me at this time (Further research in progress)
It’s not surprising this happened in France as this country has always had stronger links between certain Christians and the left than anywhere else in Europe. In fact it was left wing French missionaries and monks that were one of the agents that triggered of the birth of Liberation Theology in Brazil in the 1960s.

These French Christian socialists actively supported the labour movement, in particular its more radical tendencies such as the left wing of the Socialist Party.

Their slogan was “We are socialists because we are Christians.”

Löwy, Michael “The War of Gods. Liberation Theology in Latin America” Verso (1996)Rochefort-Turquin, Agnès “Socialistes parce que Chrétiens”  Cerf (1986)


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