192: ADMIN #3: Possible future Zingcreed topics

This is just a private jotting, only done on the blog because bits of paper get lost more easily!

was Hitler a Christian?

Christian racism: Seventh day Adventists
Boers Dutch reformed church
mark of Cain
anti semitism
racial inferiority used to justify slavery

Religious socialism;
Henri Desroche

M D Chenu
Jean Cardonnel
the Blumhardts
Paul Blanquart
J-Y Calvez
Tony Benn
Canon John Collins
Worker priests
Franz von Baader
Joachim di Fiori

Common ground – what Christians and socialists may have in common; convergence; overlap

list the difference between the K. of G. and the dictatorship of the proletariat

Marx’s tools – sharp, blunt and useless


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