191: ADMIN #2: British Library Book List

This is a private record of which books I have had from the BL.

70” minutes waiting time for book
48” hours waiting time for a book
70/48 waiting time sometimes one, sometimes the other!
“Sh” on the open shelves
?” apparently not in catalogue
*” like a tick, once for each time I get the book out


Adams. Marilyn McCord in Bennett p. 250

Altizer, T. “The gospel of christian atheism” (1967) (God is dead) 48

Andrews, Dave “Christi-anarchy” (1999)

Bammel, E and Moule eds.”Jesus and the politics of his day” 48

Bennett, Z. and Gowler, D. eds “Radical Christian voices and practice” OUP (2012) 70*

Boff, C. & Pixley, J. “The option for the poor” (1986) (spanish only?)

Boff, L. “Church, charisma and power.”

Borg, M. “Jesus. Uncovering hiis life”(?) 2011 48

Brandon, SGF “Jesus and the Zealots” 48

Bussman, C. “Who do you say? Jesus Christ in latin American theology”Maryknoll, Orbis (1985) ? (summarizes lat am lib theol authors)

Camara, Helder “The desert is fertile”

Camara, Helder “The church and colonialism”

Camara, Helder “The spiral of violence” Sheed and Ward (1975)(1971) (on Alastair McIntosh website) 48

Camara, helder “The gospel with Dom H.C.” DLT (1986) 70*

Chadwick., Owen “The secularisation of the European mind” CUP (1975) p.74-9 70**

Charlesworth, J.H. “The historical jesus, an essential guide” Abingdon Press (2008) 70

Claiborne, Shane “Red letter christianity” * * 70

Comissiong “The healing of the nation” ?

Congar, Yves “Pour une eglise servante et pauvre”

Crossan, J.D. “In fragments, the aphorisms of Jesus” Harper and Row (1987)

Cupitt, Don “frontiers of Faith” NZ (1993) 70**

Davies, J.G. “Christians politics and violent revolution” Orbis 1976

Dear(e?) John (met him at LCW) “Jesus the rebel” Sheed and Ward

Dodd, C.H. “Gospel and Law”  (1951)

Echegaray, Hugo “The practice of Jesus” (1984) * 70

Eller, Vernard “Christian Anarchy. Jesus’ primacy over the powers” (1987)

ed. Emilsen, William “Gandhi’s bible”

Ende, Michael “The never ending story” p.449 (1983)

Engels, Friedrich “The peasant war in germany” Allen and unwin (1927) 48

Faroohar, Manzar “The catholic church and social change in Nicaragua” 70*

Fiensy, D. (archaeology)

Fort, M., Mercer, M., Gish, O. eds “Sickness and Wealth. The corporate assault on global health” South End Press (2004)

Fox-Lane “Pagans and christians” (1973)

Franck, I. and Brownstone, D. “Women’s world” Harper (1995) * sh

Fromm, Erich “The dogma of Christ”

Funk, R. and the Jesus Seminar “Honest to Jesus. Jesus for a new millenium” Harper

Gallagher ed. “Putting development first”

Gandhi, see Emilson

Geering, Lloyd “Christianity without God” Bridget Williams Books NZ (2002) 70***

Gottwald see Horsley

Greenfield, Trevor “An intro to radical theology” 48

Häring, B. “The healing power of peace and non-violence” St Paul Publications



Herzog, William R. “Parables as subversive speech. Jesus as pedagogue of the oppressed” John Knox press (1994)

Herzog, William R. “Jesus justice and the reign of god. A ministry of liberation” (1999)

Herzog, William R. “Prophet and teacher: An introduction to the historical Jesus” (2005)

Hill, Christopher “The world turned upside down”

Hillesum, Edy (like Anne Frank, rec’d by Cupitt, see wiki)

Hoffman, R.J/ (trans) “Porphyry’s ‘Against the Christians’: The literary remains” prometheus Press (1994)

Horsley, R. “Jesus and the spiral of violence. Popular Jewish resistance in roman Palestine” Harper and Row (1987) 70 ***

Horsley, R. & Gottwald, N.K. eds “The Bible and liberation” Orbis/SPCK (1993) 70*

Isaak, R. “The global gap. How the rich get richer and the poor get left further behind” Prentice Hall (2005) quoted in Petrella,I. in Rowlands, C. “Camb Guide to LT” p.298

Jones, ed. “Blackwell guide to theology” (?) Sh *(Kingsley and temple)

Jordan, Clarence “The sermon on the mount” Koinonia, Judson press

Kee, A. “Seeds of liberation. Spiritual dimensions to political struggle” SCM (1973)

Kee, Alistair “Marx and the failure of Liberation theology”  SCM (1990) 70***

Kee, H.C. “Miracles in the early Christian world” Yale (1983)

Kraybill, Donald “The upside down kingdom” (Sermon on the mount) (?anabaptist)

Kung, Hans “Can the church still be saved?”

ed. Laffin? Lattin? A. and Montgomery, A. “Swords into ploughshares/plowshares” Fortkamp

Lowy, M. “The war of Gods. Liberation theology in Latin America” Verso (1990)  70*** online at scribd.com (£8.99)

Ludemann, gerd “Jesus after 2000 years: what he really said and did” SCM (2000)

Ludemann, G. “The great deception” Prometheus (1999)

Luxemburg, Rosa “Church and socialism” (1905?)

Mack, Burton ” The last gospel” (3 layers of Q) Harper Collins (US)(Element, UK) P.363

Malina, Bruce “The social gospel of Jesus. The kingdom of God in Mediterranean perspective” Fortress Press (2001) **

McCabe H. “Law love and language.” Sheed and Ward 70/48 * (1968)

McCabe, H “What is ethics all about?” 48

McLaren, Bryan D. ” The secret message of Jesus” Nelson 2006)

McLaren, B.D. “New kind of christianity” Nelson (2006)

McLaren, B.D. “Everything must change”

Mc Donagh, Francis (Cafod) “Dom Helder Camara: Essential writings” Orbis

Mc Donald, Patricia “”God and violence” Herald press

McLellan D. “Marxism and religion. A desciption and assessment of the marxist critique of Christianity” Macmillan (1987)

Mounier, Emmanuel “The personalism manifesto” (1938) 70 *

Myers, ched “Roll away the stone” ?

Nolan Albert “Jesus before Christianity” DLT (1977/8) 70 *p.463

Nolan, A. “The gospel of liberation”

Nouwen, Henri “The road to peace” ed John Dear. Orbis

O’Golo, Tom ” Jesus yes, Christ no” 48

O’Golo, Tom “Jesus: Antichrist,anarchist and atheist” (1998) 48

Perez-Escalin, Antonio “Atheism and liberation” SCM (1980) ?

Petrella, I. in Rowland, C. ed. “Cambridge companion to Liberation theology” CUP

Pixley, J. “The bible, the church and the poor” (1989)

Pixley, George “God’s Kingdom: A guide for biblical study” (1981) * 70

6 Quakers “The case of our fellow creatures, the oppressed Africans” (1784)

Rauschenbusch, Walter “Christianity and the social crisis” (1912) (online at books.google.com/books?id=cAtVrSSpzV8C

Rauschenbusch, Walter “A theology for the social gospel” (1917) Wipf and Stock (2000) (online at archive.org/details/theologyforsoc00raus.)

Reed J. (archaeology)

Romero, Oscar “The violence of love” Plough publishing house

Rowland, Christopher “Radical Christianity. hope, criticism and social change from early Christian millenarianism to Liberation theology. A reading of recovery.” USCIP Title (1988)

Rowland, C. “Radical Christianity” Polity Press (1988) 70/48 ** vg

ed Rowland, C. “Radical Christian writings. A reader” Blackwell (2002) 48

ed Rowland, C. and Vincent, John ” Liberation theology in the UK” Sheffield urban theology unit (1995)

Rowland, C. in Bennett p.270

Scott, B. B. “Hear then the parables” Fortress (1989)

Sheldon, Charles “In his steps” (1897) (the man who invented ‘What would Jesus do?’)

Silone, Ignazio “Bread and wine” p. 29-30

Sobrino J, “Jesus the liberator” 48

Sobrino, J. “The eye of the needle” DLT

Spong, Bishop John Shelby “Why christianity must change or die”

Standard, D. “The american holocaust. Colonisation and conquest in the new world” ?

Storkey,Alan  “Jesus and politics. Confronting the powers” Baker Academic (2005)

Theissen, G. “The miracle stories of the early Christian tradition” T. and T. Clark (1951)

Theissen, Gerd “The historical Jesus. A complete guide” (1998)

Torres, Camilo “Revolutionary writings” Harper Colophon books

van Steenwyk, Mark “That holy anarchist” foreward by Myers (2012) 72pp ?

von harnack, Adolf “What is christianity?” (18–) (sounds good)

Weitling, Wilhelm “The poor sinners gospel” ** 70

Williams, George “The radical reformation” (1992)

Wilson, K.M. and Margolis, N. “Women in the middle ages” vol 2 Greenwood Press (2004) * sh

Yoder, J H  “The politics of jesus” 48


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