190: ADMIN #1: Possible Zingcreed subtitles

This is just a private record, a jotting down of some subtitles, I am playing with.

a breath of fresh air

the one and only christian atheist blog

the totally unique C/A blog

that dares to think differently

a theological roller coaster

knows no bounds

where nothing is verboten

where rien est interdit

where there are no sacred cows

where nothing is sacred

where everything is open to question

where all points of view are considered

the only religious blog where there are more questions than answers

where I muse aloud for my own benefit

feel free to eavesdrop

should you care to ‘eavesdrop’ I hope you get something out of it
I hope you find something that interests you

for educated seekers of truth this blog is a gem (pompous!)

this blog revolutionizes the study of Jesus (!)

this blog renders the classics in the field instantly obsolete (!)

zingcreed’s insights have become self-validating (!)




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