“Welcome to the 182nd Post of Zingcreed, the totally unique Christian/Atheist blog where I think aloud about religion and life. No holds are barred in this personal polemic, and I hope you get something out of it!” Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.

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I want to thank you for reading and commenting on what I have written in Zingcreed since I started it one year ago. The response has been positive and encouraging, and I shall probably carry on with it for another year or more. I still have about a hundred topics listed in a notebook. I think some of them will surprise you!

Here are some readers’ comments:-
“This is an extraordinary document. Would you mind if I shared it with other members of the ….team?”
“I thought yours was very close to our vision of truth.”
“I must say this is a lively attempt to fill in the gaps in the traditional Christian creeds. The Zingcreed Manifesto is just the sort of re-working and re-imagining of the old, old story that we should all be doing in our spare time!”
“You write clearly and persuasively. I came across your blog by chance, it’s simply fresh and clear!”

Cheers, guys!

Here is a list of the top ten most popular Zingcreed Posts. The one at the top had twice as many viewers as the second on the list.

  1. Jesus’ dark side
  2. A Christian/Atheist manifesto with Zing (aka the Zingcreed)
  3. Small dark ugly and illiterate – the real Jesus?
  4. On surviving the alpha course
  5. Nuggets gleaned from Jesusite websites
  6. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater
  7. No way José (José Porfirio Miranda)
  8. Jesus and non-violence
  9. Sex#2: What the Torah says about Nigella Lawson
  10. About zingcreed FAQ
  11. (How Emperor Constantine corrupted Christianity)

My favorites would have to include (in no particular order)

  1. I love Syria
  2. Time to tackle the atonement
  3. Naked Jesus, a cock and bull story?
  4. Jesus the subversive
  5. How the church suppresses dissent today
  6. The prophets attack profits
  7. The Kingdom of God – a kingdom of nuisance and nobodies?
  8. The folly of faith
  9. Jesus was a sage not a priest, prophet or king
  10. Now that’s what I call practical Christianity #14: Rev Paul
  11. Jesus and wealthy people

PTinThaiViet 003

Some Posts lie unfinished. I aim to rectify that, especially those dealing with Tolstoy, Gandhi and non-violence. I’m planning to check out a few ancient ‘sages’ too, to see how they compare with Jesus. Hope to see you there!


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