172: I ACCUSE #9: “Israel is Racist!”


“Welcome to Zingcreed, the totally unique Christian/Atheist blog, where I think aloud about religion and the world. This is my personal polemic. I hope you get something from it!”  Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.

Unfortunately, as I know from working in the largest Jewish community in Western Europe for a quarter of a century, it is necessary to emphasize at the outset that I am anti-Zionist and not anti-Semitic. I am certainly anti-racist.

I’ll repeat: I am anti Israel and not anti Jewish. I understand paranoia, but don’t be paranoid on my behalf. By the way it was the London Borough of Redbridge I worked in. (Gant’s Hill).

Let’s look at the language used in the Western media to describe Israeli activities:

1) Israeli squatters  are called “Settlers”

2) The Israeli army of occupation is called a “Defence Force”

3) Israeli theft of Palestinian property is called “a Return”

4) Israeli racist anti-Gentilism is called “Zionism”

5) Criticism of Israel’s chosen peoples’ behaviour is called “Anti-Semitism”! (i)

Last year I spent 2 days in Israel, my second visit, and sadly found overwhelming evidence of Jewish racism from the outset. The treatment of brown skinned foreign tourists at points of entry was striking before even entering Immigration; and secondly the bad treatment of the immigrant African sub-class which has grown up. Hungry looking beggars who won’t look you in the eye and are afraid to talk to strangers.

Let’s see what the Mayor of Nazareth thinks of his country.(ii)

“Shimon Gapso, the Jewish Israeli mayor of the mixed Palestinian and Jewish city of Upper Nazareth, wrote a very revealing piece in the Israeli paper Ha’aretz , in August 2013, saying that Israel is a racist state and always has been. He wrote ‘I’m a proud offshoot of a glorious dynasty of racists. This dynasty began with with the covenant that God made with Abraham and the explicitly racist promise ‘To your seed I have given this land’ [Genesis 15:38] When the Jewish people were returning from Egypt the God of Israel told Moses he must cleanse the land of its current inhabitants.

Yes, the racist Joshua conquered the land in a racist manner. Over 3000 years later when Zionism was founded, an outbreak of racism flooded the country.

The racist Theodor Herzl wrote “Der Judenstaat” (“The Jewish State” not “The State of all its Citizens”)…David Ben Gurion ..and other racists established the Jewish Agency, and the racist UN decided to establish a Jewish state – in other words a state for Jews. During the war of independence, hundreds of thousands of Jews were brought in and hundreds of thousands of Arabs who had been living here were driven out – all to enable Israel to be founded with the desired racist character..

Since then, racially pure kibbutzim without a single Arab member, and an army that protects a certain racial strain have been established, as have political parties that proudly bear racist names such as ‘Habayit Hayehudi’ – ‘the Jewish home’. Even our racist national anthem ignores the existence of the Arab minority – in other words the people Ben Gurion did not manage to expel in the 1948 war. If not for all that racism, it’s doubtful we could live here, and doubtful that we could live at all.”

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(i)  Malina, Bruce “The social gospel of Jesus. The Kingdom of God in Mediterranean perspective” Fortress Press (2001)
(ii) “Palestine News “ Summer 2013 “Look who says Israel is Racist!” p. 23


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