165: JESUS OR MARX? A fun quiz for all the family!

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Jesus and Marx

These 2 guys had a bigger impact on humanity than anyone else in history; but how much do you and your family really know about their similarities and differences?
It’s time to find out with Zingcreeed’s fun quiz!

Simply read out the questions and answer “Jesus”, “Marx”, “Both”, or “Neither” to each one. (Why not print it out first?) Answers at the bottom of the page.


Let the fun begin!

  1. Which of these men was Jewish? ( J./M./Both/Neither)
  2. Which had a beard?
  3. Who wanted to change the world?
  4. Who spoke up for the underdog?
  5. Who lived in relative poverty?
  6. Who didn’t get on with his family?
  7. Who was a revolutionary?
  8. Who was a refugee?
  9. Who was baptised?
  10. Who was full of prophetic indignation?
  11. Who was a utopian?
  12. Who made demands for justice?
  13. Who studied philosophy?
  14. Who rode a donkey?
  15. Who was irritable from time to time?


  1. Both. Marx was descended from a long line of Rabbis. His father converted to Christianity for reasons of expediency.
  2. Marx. Although artists always show Jesus as bearded, there are no photos to prove it.
  3. Both. Jesus preached the coming of the Kingdom of God, a realm of peace, justice and hope. Marx wanted to bring about a ‘Realm of Hope’.
  4. Both. Jesus frequently spoke and acted for the poor and marginalised in his society. Marx supported the Paris Commune, and argued for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.
  5. Both. Jesus was very poor, but then so were most people at that time. Marx never did a day’s work in his life and was kept afloat by his wife’s money and by Engels’ generosity.
  6. Both. Jesus was hostile to his parents and to families generally. Marx fell out with his family.
  7. Both. While not a Zealot, Jesus took part in Non-Violent Direct Action, e.g. when he overturned the money changers’ tables in the temple. Marx proclaimed revolution all his life, e.g. in the Communist Manifesto.
  8.  Both. As a kid, Jesus was rushed off to Egypt by his parents. Marx was harried from country to country: Germany, France, Belgium, England.
  9. Both. Marx was baptized without being asked!
  10. They were indistinguishable- i.e. both. See for example Matthew 23 and John 2:13-22. Marx in the Communist Manifesto.
  11. Both. Jesus’ ‘Kingdom of God’ model of a better world could fairly be described as a utopia. Marx’s critique of capitalism would galvanised the working class to bring about great social transformations. 
  12. Both.
  13. Both. At least youthful Jesus is supposed to have sat at the feet of the priests in Jerusalem who were what passed for philosophers in his day. Marx sat at the feet of philosophers such as Hegel in German Universities.
  14. Both. The gospels record Jesus riding on an ass. Marx took his wife and daughters to Hampstead Heath for donkey rides on Sundays. While still a student he took part in night time donkey races through the streets of Bonn!
  15. Both. Jesus curse a fig tree, and was generally dismissive of family values. Marx could be insufferably pompous, and didn’t suffer fools gladly at all. The way he treated Wilhelm Weitling, the Christian Communist, was appalling.

Thar’s all folks, hope you enjoyed it!

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