163: CRIMES OF THE BOURGEOISIE #4 Resources go to the rich

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These UN stats are from 14 years ago. I should imagine the contrast between the pairs of figures shown is even more striking now.

The world We Live In

It would take $6 billion of additional yearly investment to ensure basic education in all developing countries
$8 billion a year are spent on cosmetics in the US

It would take 9 billion to ensure clean water and sanitation for all
11 billion are spent on ice cream in Europe

It would take $13 billion  to guarantee basic health and nutrition for every person in the developing world
17 billion are spent on pet food in Europe and the US combined

It would take approximately an additional $40 billion to achieve universal access to to basic social services, 0.1% of the world’s income, a rounding error, would cover the bill for basic education, health, nutrition, clean water and sanitation for every single person on the planet
Yet currently, while the world’s richest nations possess only one fourth of the world’s population, they consume 70% of the world’s energy, 75% of its metals, 85% of its wood and 60% of its food

Thus, the needs of the majority of the world’s population do not count at all for the way the world’s resources are distributed.


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“Human Development Report 1998” UN Development programme (1998)


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