152: NAZARETH a.k.a. “Nowheresville”

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Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.


Nazareth was a dump, a hole, in the boondocks, in the backwoods.
Nazareth is not mentioned in the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) or in the Talmud or the Midrash or in  Josephus . (i)
Nazareth was not on a paved road.
Nazareth did not exist on any map. (ii)
Nazareth was a tiny windswept hilltop village where about a hundred families lived.
Nazareth had no school, no synagogue, indeed no public buildings of any sort.
Nazareth had one solitary well for the whole population.
The inhabitants were for the most part illiterate peasant farmers and day labourers.
They lived in crumbling windowless flat–roofed hovels made of mud and stone.
Each hut contained a single room divided in two; one half for the family, one for the livestock.
Everyone kept livestock and grew barley, wheat, millet and oats.
Nazareth is where Jesus was born and grew up.

(i) Sanders, E.P. “The historical figure of Jesus” Penguin (1993)
(ii) Aslan, R. “Zealot. the Life and times of Jesus of Nazareth” Westbourne Press (2013)

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