In the Zingcreed blog I don’t do ‘cute’, I don’t do ‘twee’; but this was such a sweet straightforward act of Christian kindness that I couldn’t resist using it. It’s the first time any kid’s stuff has been written here, hopefully it won’t be the last.

The day I was a good neighbour

Teayamka Adams, a student of Standard 5, shares on how she has been neighbourly.

Miss Jones, my neighbour, washed her clothes, ‘blued’ them and hung them out to dry. Suddenly, a wild wind swirled about and blew Miss Jones’ clothes of the fence. I quickly ran down my stairs and over into her yard, picked up the clothes, rinsed them and hung them on the line above my head, using clothes pins.
When Miss Jones arrived home, she quarrelled about her clothes still being wet and realised that somebody had been in her yard. “Miss Jones,” I called out in a soft voice. She poked her head out of the window. “Yes,” she answered curiously. I picked up your clothes after they fell on the ground during a heavy wind.” “Thank you,” she replied, “You are a very good neighbour to me.”

(Trinidad) Catholic News 14/07/2013

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