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I’ve just read a letter to a Roman Catholic paper (i) extolling the virtues of Pope John Paul II (the polish one) who is apparently about to be made a saint.
This is a blog, not a considered researched response like many of my writings are, but my personal polemic. It’s my first reaction to what I’m reading.
Paul Kokoski of Ontario  writes that this Pope was instrumental in rallying opposition to

  •  War.

Glad to hear it, I was unaware of that; though wasn’t it during his watch that the war in Rwanda broke out? In what has been called the “most Christian country in Africa” Catholic Christians led by their priests butchered one million of their fellow countrymen in one hundred days because they were in a different tribe? Even the churches where victims took refuge were burnt to the ground while full of people? Not scoring points – it’s just for the record.

  • Terrorism.

Once again, I’m very glad to hear it. I can’t help remembering the IRA attacks on civilian populations at this time though. I don’t recall any Catholic terrorists being excommunicated by the Pope, or indeed any Catholic priest in Belfast ever condemning the slaughter of innocent protestant civilians under their very noses – acts carried out by their own parishioners.

  • Abortion.

Well, to be honest about it if a community bans contraception isn’t the abortion rate gong to rise? There’s a need to break down the extreme polarisation on this topic. This was evident at a rally in Conway Hall I attended last year. At least both sides were talking. I think Catholic agencies offering pregnant single mums help is a step in the right direction (I’m adopted myself). I don’t think flashing posters of aborted foetuses around is pleasant or conducive to clear thinking. I would always uphold the woman’s right to choose over the rights of a scrap of tissue the size of a fingernail (and I trim them!)

  • Euthanasia.

I could be wrong, but I thought the church was for the death penalty. So, if you’re not against the termination of life in one situation why be against it in another? Is this not inconsistent. Surely your “concern” arises from Catholic doctrine in the first instance, not from the concerns of the patients who are so desperate with pain they’re prepared to fly to a Zurich clinic to top themselves legally. If they’re suffering that badly I’d respect their wishes (their last wishes.)

  • Homosexuality.

If we’re all made in the image of God, doesn’t that make God queer, feminine, black, paraplegic, psychopathic, and promiscuous? Frankly I’ll never take the Vatican seriouly until they elect a black lesbian as Pope. There’s a gay lobby in the Curia, and according to an Italian jounalist quoted in the Church Times, they’re not averse to being non-celibate in Rome’s gay bath houses! Good! This is the 21st century, and there’s not much love about: let them get it where they can.

  •  Same-sex marriage.

Why shouldn’t our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters have the same rights as the rest of us. Bear in mind that Jesus (of whom the Pope claims to be the current rep. on earth) never said anything about gay anything. (See Zingcreed Post “Sweet Nothings“)

  •  Contraception.

God, is this hoary old chestnut still around? Western Catholics just ignore the ban, thus undermining the church’s authority. In Latin America they may switch allegiance to the Pentecostalists! A planned family is a happy family; there’s time to recover economically and physically between the arrivals. By forcing their congregations to have larger broods the Catholics get more bums on pews (and more pesetas in the plate). Perhaps it’s a numbers game to them? If their followers outnumber the rest of the population the Vatican can take over the world! (You do understand that’s just hyperbole, right?)

  • Embryonic-tissue research

I’ll prepare a detailed comment on this another time. I hope I’m wrong, but the impression I get is that the church would rather have people die than let doctors use tissue from placentas or aborted foetuses to find cures to horrible diseases.

So, that’s the list of things that pope rallied opposition to, followed by my jaundiced opinions: of course, unlike the church which can speak with the full authority of God, I could be wrong!

(Trinidad) Catholic News,  14 July 2013


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