Dear Mr Bergoglio

I hope you enjoyed the World Catholic Youth Day in Rio last month. Do you know we flew back across the Atlantic on the same day? I have written a blog today about the possible sexual implications for the milllions of youngsters mingling in the sun without any condoms. (Zingcreed blog “Sex#5: Indulgencies for Catholic Youths”)

Today I want to express my astonishment to you about the canonisation of ex-Popes, in particular John Paul II. I would like you to confirm tthat what I read in a Catholic paper (i) is true. It’s a CNS/Reuters story.

If I’ve got it right, a Costa Rican woman, Floribeth Mora Diaz, was inexplicably cured of a brain aneurysm that left her with just days to live. Doctors couldn’t explain her rapid improvement. She put it down to a picture of the Polish Pope on a magazine cover! When she prayed to it it spoke to her and said “Rise!…Don’t be afraid.” Whether this was in Polish, Italian. Latin or Spanish has not been revealed. Now I’m very pleased to hear of the patient’s recovery, and I hope she doesn’t thwart your plans by having a relapse, because I see you plan to label this medical phenemenon as a “Miracle” and to attribute it to the deceased Pope!

How do you know this woman is reliable: after all she had a brain condition – maybe this caused her to hallucinate?

Is the church being taken for a ride?

If the magazine cover had been of Justin Bieber or Rihanna, would you have canonized them?

How many sick people have prayed to portraits and not been cured?

Were the Costa Rican brain surgeons well qualified?

How can the mouldering corpse of Karel Wojtyla aka Pope John Paul II have any influence on a sick woman half a world away?

Do you believe in magic?


Here’s Wojtyla giving Ernesto Cardenal, a top Nicaraguan politician,a ticking off.

That’s enough for today. I’ll be in touch again soon.

Take care

Peter Turner

(Trinidad) Catholic News 14 July 2013 p.9


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