It’s not just politicians like Berlusconi and bankers like…where do I begin ….that are corrupt and adulterous. (Oh, and don’t think church men and theologians are any better!) Without trying to absolve them in any way I would just point out that many of the ‘greats’ of the Bible story were up to their eyeballs in it too. There are sexual shenanigans everywhere.

Can a person’s life accomplishments outweigh his (or her) personal human weaknesses?

I suppose one needs to look at whether anyone was hurt/exploited. Were things done by mutual agreement or did someone take advantage of their position at the top of society’s hierarchy.

So (a) David killed Goliath. Does that outweigh his adultery with Bathsheba?
(b) Lot saved people from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorah. Does that outweigh his incest with his two daughters?
(c) Noah built an ark to rescue his people. Does that make up for his drunkenness?
(d)  Moses led the Hebrews across the Red Sea out of bondage. Can that compensate for his adultery with the Ethiopian women?

“The autobiography of Malcolm X” Penguin (1965) p.407


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