130: DEAR POPE #2 Praised for what?

Dear Mr Bergoglio

I hope you are settling in OK in your new pad. I hope Benedict is not bugging you -I feel that man could be a really bad influence on you, but I’ll return to that topic in a later letter. I notice the press is praising you. I’m puzzled by this because the things they’re praising you for are things most people do as a matter of course, and no one praises us. It seems that since being elected

You’ve spoken to some Protestants
You’ve paid your hotel bills
You’ve worn modest black shoes
You’ve  got your own coffee from a vending machine
You’ve embraced an infirm person
You’ve included a woman in the foot washing ritual
You’ve met moslem migrants
You’ve criticised the financial markets
and you carried your own bag off a plane

Well, big deal! The press say this makes you a ‘man of the people’,  yet most people outside your cosy Vatican circle do most of these things every week. We take it for granted. It’s not even worth commenting on. Apart from washing a stranger’s feet even I have got away from my keyboard long enough to do some of these things. Frankly,Mr Pope, you’re going to have to do better than that to impress anyone who isn’t already an R.C.

Yours sincerely

Peter Turner


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