Another 99 Zingcreeds are aleady in the pipeline – look out for these radical topics in the months ahead. We shall also be moving onto Twitter and facebook as soon as i find out what advantages this would have. (As I’ve said before, I’m not seeking publicity, I’m just musing on the cyber highway of life and if passers by want to read or comment that’s fine. And if they help me sort my ideas out that’s even better.)

Here’s a musing written by Adrian Mitchell in 1955 in my University magazine Isis
“My brain is socialist,
My heart is anarchist,
My eyes are pacifist,
My blood is revolutionary.”
This was read out yesterday (Hiroshima day) by Mitchell’s widow under the cherry tree in Tavistock Square near to London University, as part of CND’s comemmoration of the bombing of Hiroshima. Among those attending were Tony Benn, Bruce Kent, Peter Tatchell, Jeremy Corbyn, Walter Wolfgang, the chair of the Green Party, Rodney Bickerstaff, me and over a hundred others. It was a very moving experience. Tavistock Square also has a plaque remebering the C.O.s of all places and times.

Some of the next 99 topics:
Paul meets Jesus (Kazantzakis’ dream)
Fiction review “Q” by Luther Blissett
Cupitt the basics
Progressive Christianity -critique of their 8 points
Tolstoy – lots!
Paul van Buren on Jesus and freedom
5 versions of bibical inerrancy
Dawkins’ main points
Interview with campaigner Rev Paul Nicholson (Taxpayers against poverty)
Gandhi not all he’s made out to be?
The resurrection
Martin Luther King’s dream – 50 years on
UK Liberation Theology
Red Christians: Daniel Berrigan, Hewlett-Johnson, Canon Collins, some sandinistas, Gerrard Winstanley,
Atheist prayers and hymns
My worship experiences
Demos, vigils, etc .How I pass my time
RC gay issues
Dear Pope
I accuse (the SDAs are in my sights again)
Jesus and rich people
The wilderness
Marx’s Christian roots
Borg and Crossan and Ehrman revisited
C. of E. a balance sheet
Christian atrocities -anti semitism, witch-burning, child abuse, crusades, the inquisition.
Was Jesus a chick magnet?
The Anabaptists
If Jesus was alive today would he join a trade union? And, if so, which one?
Zealots, Essenes and Gnostics
Quotes – popes, saints and Martin Luther
Film reviews
Christian-inspired socialists e.g. Saint-Simon, Fourier and Robert Owen
Wobblies and Catholic Workers: Ammon Hennessy and Dorothy Day
Worker priests



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