117: ZINGCREED: Commentary on line 15 “…aphorism…”


15/  We acknowledge that Jesus cannot always be taken literally and we rejoice in his use of wit, aphorism, exaggeration, parable, hyperbole and contradiction to tell his story.

Why was this put in a so-called creed?
Because it’s very important to counter the literal fundamentalist view of scripture that fogs our already unclear view of it. From maxim to metaphor, Jesus had a great way with words for an illiterate peasant; he couldn’t match Plato or Aristotle for analysis and wisdom but he wasn’t really operating on that level. He was a story-teller who used  fiction as the most appropriate medium to communicate with his Galilean listeners.

I shall be listing a few well-known aphorisms by some great english writers like Oscar Wilde and Bernard Shaw  to show how well Jesus stacks up.

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