116: ZINGCREED: Commentary on line 14 “…not verifiable…”

14/ We believe in the teachings of Jesus, not the person of Jesus. He is not to be worshipped as, after all, he was only human and the circumstances of his birth and death are largely irrelevant and not verifiable.


Some believers get so intense and earnest when they meditate on Christ’s suffering on the cross it’s practically pathological. Mel Gibson’s film on the crucifixion, anyone? NOT my cup-of-tea! (Didn’t he get into hot water a year or two back for making anti-semitic remarks?)

This follows on closely from line 13; see my commentary there as it deals with some of the points in this line.

A lot of the birth and death stuff just isn’t in the earliest gospel accounts like Q and Mark. It was possibly added later. Of course St Paul didn’t have a clue about anything. I’ve got a blog lined up on the nativity. Most believers now realise there’s something not quite kosher there.


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