114: ZINGCREED: Commentary on line 12 “…marginalized…”

12/ We are challenged to feed the hungry, to liberate the enslaved and exploited, and to befriend life’s losers, misfits and marginalized with no thought for reward.


Or in other words to bring about the Kingdom of God on earth, “however fleetingly”  (Zingcreed lines 3 and 4).

Line 12 here sums up for me, with my “jesusite non-theist” viewpoint, what Jesus preached and practised. It’s what I find when I read the gospels, and the point of this blog is to share my critical but admiring perspective of Jesus with others.

It’s why I have just started a new series “London’s homeless speak” where I interview people sleeping rough in the streets of the town where I live.

It’s why in a few days I shall start a new series “I support…” describing the activities of bodies like Christian Aid and the World Development Movement that I give (qualified, of course!) support to. Note that both those charities raise funds and campaign on “Third World” aka Global South issues. This is an area of which I have some knowledge.

The reward aspect. This is a dig at those (like the person to whom Jesus told the parable of the Good Samaritan) who only do good works to earn themselves a reward in heaven. No empathy or feelings of solidarity involved. You can’t accuse a Zingcreed person of doing that as we don’t believe in an afterlife.

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