120: DEAR POPE #1: Congratulations on your appointment!

Dear Mr Bergoglio,

I hope I spelled your name right. I never could get that polish pope’s name right: Wojtyla I think it was.

I’m not a catholic, just an innocent bystander with an interest in religion. I would like to start this blog by congratulating you on your election to the papacy. I hope you are happy in your post and are able to bring about some of the  reforms that the church needs so much.

I have to say that I will not be able to take your institution seriously until you have a black lesbian as pope. I say this because, though I am a middle-aged white non-gay male like you and all the people who run the Vatican, I feel you need to show the world your religion is all inclusive. I  think Jesus would have welcomed blacks women and members of the LGBT community into his circle.  My first question for you is: How long do think that will take? Ten years? A century? A millenium? Never? Such an event should certainly boost your church’s street cred as far as many of us are concerned.

I shall be writing again soon with another question for you. In the unlikely event that you reply to me I shall publish your reply here on Zingcreed.

Yours sincerely

Peter Turner

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