113: ZINGCREED: Commentary on line 11 “…the oppressed…”

11/ We note that Jesus challenged the religious and political authorities of his day and we pledge to do the same as we put the interests of the weak and the oppressed before those of the powerful.


..of the RICH and powerful, that is. Jesus doesn’t like you if you’re rich, but he’s not calling for mass pauperisation either. Like the prophets before him he’s anti profits-at-the-expense-of-others. Have as much as you need as long as there’s a fair and more equal distribution of wealth. (See recent fantastic book on the harmful effects of inequality in society (i)) It’s always good when your gut feelings about an issue are backed up by some serious research! (ii)

I have always earned below the national average wage in the UK, so am I poor? If you look at the world scene it turns out my income puts me in the richest 6% on earth!


(i) Wilkinson, R. & Pickett, K. “The spirit level. Why equality is better for everyone” Penguin (2010)

(ii) Dorling, D. “The no-nonsense guide to equality” New Internationalist (1998)


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