112: ZINGCREED: Commentary on line 10 “…the victims…”


10/ We also acknowledge that terrible crimes are committed in Jesus’ name and we resolve to be at the forefront of those tackling the perpetrators and supporting the victims.


What terrible crimes?

Look at my Christian Atrocity series on Zingcreed (Inquisition, burning of witches, slavery, anti–semitism, the crusades,etc).

Or, in my lifetime I can think of those Roman Catholic nuns who marched through the streets of Yugoslavia giving the fascist salute while Orthodox Christians were forcibly converted to Catholicism or slaughtered.
I think of the pope and the german church who supported Hitler in his killing of the jews.
Of all those military chaplains who gave their blessing to the soldiers of various nations as they went off into battle to kill each other.
Not to mention the hundreds of innocent victims of criminal clerical child abuse that have come to light in the last few years.

I think I want to add the Catholic ban on contraception to that list. Are they going to pay compensation to all those mothers who died in childbirth after doctors had advised them against having more children? Or to those impoverished families who stayed underfed or starved because their food had to be divided up too many ways. A piece of corn bread split between a couple and one child OK; split between a couple and 10 kids – whoa! Totally preventable suffering starvation and death.
What’s that I hear you say – it’s really to increase the church’s numbers, a simple pew filling exercise? How cynical! That nice pope would never do that!

How often have you heard the institutional church raise its head from telling its congregations to confess their sins in order to repent its own sins?

This blog aims to pick up on  such activities and expose them. Your whistle-blowing  would be appreciated. Sometimes it might just be an apparently small business, like the C. of E. investing in Wonga, the pay-day loans sharks. (1000% interest I think I heard someone say.)


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