109: ZINGCREED: Commentary on line 7 “…forgeries…”

7/  We agree with them that the quest for the authentic words and deeds of Jesus is vital if we are to avoid being sidetracked by forgeries and dubious theologies inserted into the bible by Jesus’ well-wishing followers or early church leaders seeking to manipulate and control the minds of believers.toogrey 001

“Authenticity” is the key. The Jesus Seminar (see the Wikipedia article on them and get their translation of the bible from evil Amazon) reckon that only 18% of the acts and words attributed to Jesus are authentic! (i)

This is a game changer. If you just stick your head in the sand you’re more likely to get kicked in the butt! (ii)


(i) ed Funk, R.W. “The Five Gospels. The Search for the authentic words of Jesus” Harper (1993)

(ii) Ehrman, B. “Jesus, Interrupted. Revealing the hidden contradictions in the bible (and why we don’t know about them)” Harper (2009)


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