108: ZINGCREED: Commentary on line 6 “…biblical weeds…”

6/  Consequently we welcome the findings of the philosophers, scholars and archaeologists who over the centuries have cleared away biblical weeds  and undergrowth so that each generation may glimpse Jesus more clearly than the one before.

toogrey 001

Yes, I sincerely believe this.
I despise those Christian bookshops (like Dominion Books in Wood Green and the  Protestant Truth Society book shop in Fleet Street) that sell nothing but brain-numbing devotional books. What a missed opportunity for the faithful to acquire a deeper understanding of their faith and its origins and current evolution.
I despise those Ministers who know of developments in Biblical  Criticism over the last two hundred years but peddle the same pap to their congregation as their predecessors did in the 18 th century.

On the side of the angels stand Borg, Crossan , Ehrman, Cupitt, Boulton, Pagels, Vermes and many more. Oh and let’s not forget the Jesus Seminar.(Upon whom be peace).


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