107: ZINGCREED: Commentary on line 5 “…reason & common…”

5/  We accept no contradiction between reason and belief. Reason and common sense will always trump blind faith, indeed they are our most valuable aids in the search for truth in a world where there are more probabilities than certainties.


As a former working scientist (researcher and teacher) I expect to have my ideas challenged. One learns to live in the exciting milieu of uncertainty. Only by undermining the old certainties can humanity move forward. I enjoy watching paradigm shifts (like in the world of slimming – last year lipids made you fat,  this year carbs make you fat!)

Consequently I don’t know what to make of those Christians I have met who are bothered by DOUBTS. Doubts are the bane of even some ministers lives. They clench their brains in resistance; they  hypnotise themselves into believing 6 impossible things before breakfast! (Alice in Wonderland).  Relax, dudes! Follow your doubts wherever they lead – to atheism and beyond? Why not if that’s what does it for you. Intentional dishonesty surely cannot be good for your conscience or your sanity.

A metaphor I remember from my old SCM days in the University of Wales speaks of a rock in a fast flowing river. We may cling to the solid rock like a todler’s security blanket. We think “I mustn’t let go or I’ll be swept away and who knows what’ll become of me”. Wrong. Let go. God is in the torrent just as much as he is in the rock. Have faith and you’ll be OK.


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