106: ZINGCREED: Commentary on line 4 “…open to all…”

4/ We believe this ‘Kingdom of God’ on earth is open to all, whether believers or not, and that it may resemble a utopian democratic republic where no-one has power over anyone else.


This is a warning that Zingcreed is a political blog, a radical blog and an uncomfortable blog.

“Red Christians” like Müntzer,  Weitling, Torres and Winstanley are taken seriously and their contemporary relevance assessed. (See the “Red Christian” blogs on them in the index, July 2013)

In the next hundred blogs I intend to develop these ideas further and bring in ideas from Christian anarchist writers.

Occasionally I approve of what the Epistles say, eg “Ye are all one in Christ Jesus: slave and freeman, male and female, black and white, gay and straight, believer or non-believer” or words to that effect. Probably St Paul in Ist Corinthians. I doubt he really meant it though.


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