105: ZINGCREED: Commentary on line 3 “…Kingdom of God…”

3/ We believe his teachings are still relevant today and that when we apply them in our daily lives we bring the ‘Kingdom of God’ into being , however fleetingly.

misty 013

Jesus said more about the “Kingdom of God” (“Kingdom of Heaven” in Matthew – same thing) than any other topic. (He said nothing about his own divinity or dying for our sins, contrary to what many believers seem to think).

A common belief is that the Kingdom comes after an apocalypse of some kind, or occurs after death. No, it’s my belief that it’s here and now. Pity Jesus was so vague about it. It’s SO open to various interpretations. I could be completely wrong. Blogs on this in the pipeline!
The modern anarchist concept of TAZs is relevant here.(ii) Temporary Autonomous Zones are what you get when you “liberate” or occupy a park/campus/church/street for a given length of time. A host of exciting new possibilities open up for the participants and their supporters. (iii)


(i) Kaylor, R.D., “Jesus the Prophet. His vision of the Kingdom on Earth” John Knox Press (1994)
(ii) Bey, Hakim “Temporary Autonomous Zones”
(iii) Occupy Faith on line e.g. on facebook


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