98: LOL #6: Rhymin’ Simon

“Zingcreed: thinking aloud about religion. A personal polemic by Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

What fun!

Here’s a Christian preacher who not only reprints his weekly sermon in his local paper at his own expense, but does it in rhyme!

Under the heading “Christian Views in the News” (rhyming already!) “Pastor Simon, author and international speaker” hails from the Everlasting Gospel Church of Chaguanas, Trinidad.

Here’s a taster:

“These are the days of woes and foes,

every child of God should be on his toes wherever he goes.

Every godly witness

will always find their names on the devil’s hitlist.

It’s true in every age and every place,

this is what a believer must face,

Enemies you are not exempted

but are to be expected.

Take our Lord’s example- Many came under the cover of a religious cloak,

to trap him by the words He spoke,

Jesus refused to be provoked

But kept on doing the Father’s work.


Every time Isaac dug and got water from a well,

His enemies came to yell and gave him hell,

Yet he didn’t fall under their spell.

He dwelt among foes

Had to be on his toes,

Came out smelling like a rose

Never the sword he chose.

Instead of fighting fire with fire

And lowering his life in dirt and mire

He trusted in God to make him higher.”




Saturday Express (Trinidad and Tobago) 13/7/13 p.20

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