85: LOL #3: “Let’s not shake hands on it!”

Remember how Jesus was often in the company of the down-and-outs, how he even spoke of the poor – the rabble – as being those who would inherit the  Kingdom?
Well, for one church at least that’s all changed now – the congregation want to keep the unwashed at arm’s length. I know this church well but I won’t identify it; suffice it to say it’s on a street where beggars doss down for the night and shelter in the church’s porch when it rains. The trouble started when vagrants started coming INTO the church for services (which of course they have every right to do) – and sitting next to the well-dressed members of the regular congregation. Crunch time comes when it is time to give a hand shake to the people in the pews around you as is the custom in this denomination. The washed didn’t want to shake hands with the unwashed. (What would Jesus have done?) Some went to the minister and asked that this custom be dropped from the service. Some moved their seats during the service to get away from the ‘visitors’.  Others left the building a few minutes early or retreated to the washroom to clean up after the contact.

Then the solution, revealing and all illuminating like the sun bursting through the stained glass windows – antiseptic wipes. Shake hands and then get a pack of wet wipes out and remove all traces of contact from your skin – preferably when the other person isn’t looking. God always finds a way!
Laugh out loud – if you didn’t laugh you’d probably cry!


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