78: I ACCUSE #2: “Pentecostalists hate Haiti!”

I believe this accusation to be false, but it was made  in the press, and I had to go to some lengths to disprove it.

The story is as follows: after the disastrous earthquake in Haiti  in January 2010, I was in a neighbouring Caribbean island and was appalled to read in the local press that the West Indian pentecostalist church had issued an official declaration saying that Haiti deserved to be brought low by this force of nature because they practised Voodoo. The earthquake was God’s punishment on them.

(1) I didn’t keep that paper -it went out with the garbage, or I would eventually have written a letter to the editor. I read 3 a day and I can’t recall which one it was.

(2) Yes, I’ve been to Haiti precisely to study Voodoo. It exists! Many people have trust in it. Many do not.

(3) Many local Christians, including pentecostalists were killed or made homeless by this awful tragedy. Earthquakes don’t select their victims.

(4) The pentecostalist church was also said in the same article to have said to blamed Japan for the tsunami which struck Fukushima nuclear power plant, claiming it was God’s punishment on them (for atrocities committed in the second world war and for  whaling).

(5) As I found out on the internet, the W. I.  pentecostalists are not a unified body. I sent an e-mail to the president of what appeared to be the biggest group, asking if the press report was true, and expressing my horror at the callousness of the alleged statement. I got a prompt reply.

The president had not heard of these reports. They were most definitely not true. To the contrary, the pentecostalist church had asked all their congregations to pray for the earthquake victims and had set up a special relief fund which had already sent cash to their sister churches in Haiti, to assist in rehousing the homeless.



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