77: I ACCUSE # 1: “Adventists are racists!”

The Seventh-day Adventist church, like most of those labelled as “cults” or “sects” by the mainstream churches,  is growing fast: about one million converts a year by their own calculations. They are clearly a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately they may be having a very divisive effect on society.

Indeed I accuse them of practising racial  apartheid in the UK, just like in South Africa in the bad old days.

First let’s see what their official literature says (i): (emphasis added)

  • “…this doctrinal emphasis has helped to bring all nationalities, races, and ethnic groups together in worshipping the Lord of the Sabbath.”
  • “…(outside you) see a variety of colours- blue sky,  brown dirt, green grass, red roses, white clouds….The same analogy is true in trying to describe what a Seventh-day Adventist looks like. As with any other group, you cannot pigeon hole the people into a single category. Each member of the denomination is unique and has a special, personal contribution to make to the church.”
    (I bet the author John Seaman and the editor Richard Coffen are both white. Can you imagine a black person coming up with “white clouds” (how lovely!) and “brown dirt” (yuk!”)
  • “Seventh-day Adventists happily share the principles of His Kingdom with others. They desire to live their own lives as a demonstration of Christ’s character. People from any race, creed, ethnic origin, background or religion are invited into the fellowship…”
  • “The church is God’s family; adopted by Him as children, its members live on the basis of the new covenant.”
  • “In Christ we are a new creation: distinctions of race, culture, learning and nationality, and differences between high and low, rich and poor, male and female, must not be divisive among us. We are all equal in Christ….”

So much for the theory. The 64 page booklet quoted from above is written for non-adventists to show them what they’re missing and to lure them in. (Every christian denomination produces bumpf like this). Unfortunately this denomination seem to be falling extraordinarily short of their stated ideals. Is the deception deliberate? Are they infringing the sale-of -goods act? Should they be prosecuted for misleading advertising?

Consider the following:

  • “The world at this point in time does not believe God sent Jesus; because Seventh day Adventist are divided, (1) we have the colour division. In the USA the whites go to one church and the blacks to another on the same Sabbath day. (2) In England the media carries the story of division among us.” (ii)
  • “The church in its present condition will have to repent and weep bitterly, with deep sorrow for the evil that now is permitted and practised in its ranks.” (ii)
    Britain’s 18000 adventists are divided into 4000 whites and 14000 blacks who started to join the church in the 1950s and have since become the majority. The reason for the dramatic white decline was that the British SDA was viewed as an “immigrant church” . Many white adventists emigrated to Australia and America. The older generation, black and white, suffered a great deal of disorientation and pain from each other but this is not the case with the younger generation. A racial feud has erupted. (iii)
  • (Personal view) The only SDA school in N. London was recently closed by the authorites as being not fit for purpose and not giving its pupils a good chance in life. I agree (I worked there for a short time). It was also the only school in London where the pupils were 100% black  i.e. Afro-Caribbean and African.


I shall investigate this further and report back; but as it stands, with the information at my disposal, I conclude that my accusation is justified.
The Seventh Day Adventists are a racist organisation and not fit for purpose. That is not to say that other churches are not just as bad.
Other Posts on the Zingcreed will look at paedophilia and sexism in the SDA church.

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(i) Seaman, J. “Who are the Seventh-day Adventists?”  Review and Herald publishing Association (1998) pages 21, 23, 41, 55, 56.
(ii) “The call for a global spiritual revival and reformation and the three angel’s message”  (24 page pamphlet, no author, no publisher, no date, handed out in the street, Wood Green, London, 2012)
(iii) The Voice 5/3/96 p.1 and 3.


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