“A few years ago, two of my friends, a married couple, were living on their own. The wife, who is a social worker, was helping to pack the possessions of one of her clients; they were going to move this woman who had Alzheimers into an old-folks’ home. As they were boxing stuff up she found a note that said, “Dear God, let me never end up in an old folks’ home.” So the couple talked about it and decided to adopt her into their family. She went from “client” to “live-in Grandma”. Everywhere my friends travelled, they had her with them. They sometimes joked that when they invited her in they had no idea how long she was going to live. But it was a wonderful thing to see all of them around her, loving her up until the moment she died 8 years later.”

(Shane Claiborne “Red Letter Christianity” Hodder and Stoughton (2012)



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