63: RED CHRISTIANS # 6 Taborites (1416 – 1436)

These religious dissenters lived in Bohemia before the Reformation. When their leader, Jan Hus,  was burned at the stake in 1415 for criticizing papal and clerical privileges an open revolt broke out. The Holy Roman Emperor, Sigismund, sent troops to put them down.  The more radical Hussites fled to Mount Tabor (a biblical name) hence the moniker “Táborite”. Here they survived 20 more years establishing 5 cities with their own bishop and holding off 5 attacks by Sigismund and the Pope.

  •  Their lifestyle was communal
  • They awaited the imminent Second Coming which they believed would lead to 1000 years of peace and plenty
  • They denied the “real presence” in the Mass
  • They robbed non-Taborites to fill the communal coffers, as “men of the law of God”

The Taborites were eventually overcome in 1436.


Morris, J.M., Kross, A.L. “Historical Dictionary of Utopianism” Scarecrow Press (2004)


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