58: CRIMES OF THE BOURGEOISIE #1 Deforestation

“The important question is how much of this biomass represents trees and parts of trees of preferred species that can be profitably marketed… By today’s utilisation standards, most of the trees, in these humid tropical forests are, from an industrial materials standpoint, clearly weeds.”
Spokesperson for the Bethel company, (International Forestry Consultants)
quoted in Vandana Shiva’s “Monocultures of the Mind” Zed Press 1993

definition of  “Bourgeoisie”:
” the class of capitalists. Owners of the means of production and employers of wage labourers. ‘Bourgeois’ is a term that is often used today  in an insulting way to  describe someone with narrow-minded middle-class tastes, but Marx based his structure of class on economic factors alone and not those of  taste or habit. The use of the word in English probably came from the French Revolution, for the bourgeois were originally the French middle class, a class of merchants and small businessmen who became more powerful after the nobility fell out of favour with the masses. Marx used the words capitalist and bourgeoisie interchangeably.”
“Understanding Marxism” Gill Hands,  Hodder Education (2011)


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