“It is not what you believe that matters ultimately but what you do…… (William) Willimon once described the true meaning of  “counter cultural” behaviour as going to see someone in a nursing home. You can’t do a more radical thing than that, he said. The response of the audience to his comment was a bit underwhelming, as if perhaps they were hoping for something a little more Hollywood – something that might turn into a documentary starring each one of them as a mad prophet decrying the hypocrisies of our time.
I hate going to nursing homes. I hate the way they smell. I hate to hear the Muzak of crazy babbling, the mad soliloquies of demented souls reliving their childhoods or insisting that I speak to the brown  bear at the foot of their bed. The common dining area is the worst. All those wheelchairs pushed together and then abandoned, forming a circle of cloudy eyes and trembling hands. Everyone seems to be looking far off, as if dementia makes everything part of the background and nothing a part of the foreground. Ambulances arrive daily to pick up the dead, and the only thing that changes is the color of the Jell-O.”

Meyers, R.R. “Saving Jesus from the Church. How to stop worshipping Christ and start following Jesus” Harper (2009) p.158


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