Here’s a written GUARANTEE that your prayers will be answered in 8 days.  Just recite this mumbo-jumbo, doesn’t matter if it makes any sense or not, and magic will be worked. This is how the church encourages superstition among its members (and other readers of the Trinidad Sunday Guardian where this ad appeared on 24 March 2013).
Notice that only those who can afford to put this ad in the paper the following week need bother to try this 9 day course in superstition.
Now, what did they call it when the church ruled Europe for 1000 years,  promoting this sort of claptrap on a daily basis with relics and holy water? Oh yes, THE DARK AGES.  So it’s full steam ahead in these christian circles – back to the middle ages. To me this isn’t so much medieval as just plain evil. The church, as so often, is shooting itself in the foot, in fact making a total ass of itself!


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