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Jesusite is another word for christian-atheist. Although I am a Jesusite I don’t use the word because it’s not in the dictionary, no-one has heard of the term, and some people attribute another meaning to it. It’s synonymous with Jesuan,  and Jesusist.

As Wikipedia says “There is no definitive meaning of Jesuism, Jesusism or Jesuanism, and hence no clear ideology. “ It boils down to “the christianity of the gospels”, “ the gospel taught by Peter John and James ,” or  “the religion which Jesus preached.” That’s fine by me; the sources of these ‘boiled down nuggets’ are listed at the bottom of the page. Collecting them together has helped me to clarify my views on what is wheat and what is chaff in the Christian faith. (And there’s plenty of chaff around!)

I’m including these gleaned nuggets on this blog because they are exactly what Christian atheists like me believe

We all  LIKE: –

(1)   The commitment of these few writers to observing the teachings of Jesus but not at the expense of empirical rational reasoning.

(2)   Their  acknowledgement of the profound contributions of Jesus to peace and voluntary altruism without elevating him to supernatural status for his teachings to have meaning.

(3)   Their iconoclasm.

(4)   That they allow faith- based conclusions  as long as they are not prioritised over rational thinking.

(5)   Their anarchism, as this is almost identical to jesusism.

(6)   Their focus on the life of Jesus and the imitating of his life. Simply loving one another and loving God.

(7)   Their restoration of Jesus’ sayings to their original purity, free from the interpolations of later writers.

(8)   “Any church set up in Jesus’ name should remain poor, powerless and modest.” (Pullman)

(9)   “If anyone goes out in the world and does some good then salute them.” (Pullman)

Along with them we all DISLIKE:-

(1)   Institutional religion, i.e. mainstream Christianity, as it has shifted away from the moral tenets Jesus preached.

(2)   Doctrinal canons and creeds. Jesus’ teachings must come first.

(3)   The scriptural authority of the bible. We reject the authority of the hebrew (old) and greek (new) testaments except for the teachings of Jesus.

(4) Creationism.

(5) The magnificence of the Vatican;  rich US churches,  religious demagogues who spread fear of hell.

(6) Paulism/Paulinism. Saint Paul “pollutes what is clear” (Wittgenstein). He writes about the risen Christ, not the man Jesus.

(7) Miracle stories. There may have been psychosomatic cures but there can have been no supernatural intervention.

We’re a small ‘select’ group. Why not write in the comment box if you have views on the subject?

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